Name: Tailynn
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
Birthdate: April 25, 1986 Ethnic
Background: 100% Thai

My name is Tailynn and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I am very excited to welcome you to my site. While you are here, I will do the best that I can to make sure that your stay is sexy, fun and entertaining. I'm 20 years old and work as a fashion model for different clothes designers in Bangkok. I have completed a some college, and want to continue my career in the fashion industry. It is truly a love of mine. I just turned 20, which is the legal age to drink and go to clubs in Thailand. Now I can go into my favorite discos without worrying if my I.D. card is o.k.! I like dancing and shaking it up until early in the morning. I love to meet new friends everywhere, and like going to go go clubs and beer bars to see the newest girls that come to Bangkok from the country to make money and seek a new life. They remind me of myself, and I like to take in their individual beauty and uniqueness. And I also like to take them home with me sometimes!

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