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It’s 1:30am and I’m in North Pattaya with some friends when I get an SMS that there’s a new girl (who is my spec) working at Happy aGoGo. It’s 15 minutes away and I was there in 5! As soon as I walked in, this lovely teen jumps right into my arms. Her name is Preaw and she must have been waiting for me all night (my scouts are the best). So Preaw and I bolted to the hotel room for some immediate bareback action where she sucked me like she had watched porn since birth. Then I slammed her amazing pussy before finally popping my entire load all over her gorgeous face and mouth.

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Pum and her friend stopped by but we had to step out. So we gave her a camera and told her to do what she wanted. We came back to find the camera sitting next to the pool with a red bead necklace. On the memory card was photos of Pum posing in the poolside jacuzzi and a video of her sucking a lollipop.


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O is invited over, given a camera and some instructions. Thirty minutes later O provides us with a a sad face and a broken camera. DAMN! But thankfully the memory card had all that we cared for anyway. We’re happy to buy a new camera and we still paid O for her lovely self shot work.

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Mew is famous in Pattaya. She’s done the covers of nightlife magazines, became showgirl of the month, and has even worked for another website company. Mew however is most famous for being a bar slut. She has been known to go with just about anyone who pays the bar fine.

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Petite beauty Tauey makes a self shot video of her rubbing baby oil all over her body while she dances. She’s well lubed…who’s ready for her? I know I am!

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Her sexy accent is cute, but her healthy tits are far more interesting, because they look so good oiled up. Far is definitely one of my favorite girls to fuck. Being fucked doggy turns her on. From the way she performs, you can tell she is a certified freak.

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