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Once she enters the massage room, Balloon exposes her playful titties while she takes the white robe off. She lays on the table wearing a pair of tiny bikini. The masseur comes into the room and takes Balloon’s white thong off. Almost covering her body in oil, the masseur begins to relax the gal with his skilled hands. Balloon already loves what she feels and the touches over her shaved pussy send chills down her spine. When the masseur fondles her appetizing boobies, the girl can’t stop feeling aroused. And this feeling increases as the masseur rubs the dark petals of her pussy with oil. He even slips his middle finger …. continue inside>>

Mena is this week’s creampie update. She is 35 kilos of pure fuck toy and I did my best to squeeze my cock into her tiny hole in every popular position. Mina works with her Mom on a food cart near the East Pattaya village. She has not had the opportunity to meet many foreigners. Mina gave one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in a very long time. She gave great detail to licking my balls, shaft and helmet. While she blew me, I marveled at how small her body was. She only weighs 78 lbs. Her pussy was dripped wet when I went to push my hard cock into it. Her folds opened smoothly with each stroke of penetration. I gave Mina a proper hard fucking before finally cumming deep inside her young nubile cunt. Free cart food for life! See More >>



Sonya is a beautiful girl who loves spending her spare time taking care of the way she looks. Today it is the massage day of the week. She undresses the white robe, once she enters the massage room, and she lays on the table on her stomach. The masseur come in and begins to massage Sonya with a lot of oil. She can’t see him, but she is totally satisfied by his moves spoiling her back. She loves the way her labia spread when the man massages her ass cheeks so well. The masseur also spreads her legs and the girl is totally blown away to feel the man’s fingers rubbing her clit and penetrating her pussy. When she turns, her …. continue inside>>



Now is the best time to visit the GoGo bar. We’re absolutely packed each night and you definitely feel that this is where the party is at. I mean Walking Street is already fun and electric and filled with people, but once you enter one of our establishments, and you hear that music pumping, and see those ladies dancing and screaming, you will see there is no funner place in the world. That is my goal to make sure that each and every customer has the time of their life. I pride myself on being a good manager and I promise you and your crew a good time. Whether you come alone or bring an entourage, GoGo Bar Auditions is …. continue inside>>

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