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Petite brunette Tansanee comes to the massage salon and she is delighted to see the generous table on which she is about to lay. She takes the white robe and the tiny black thong off before making herself comfortable on the massage table. Tansanee begins to relax listening to the background music and waiting for the masseur. He enters the room and pours a generous quantity of oil on her sexy back and naughty bum. He pleases her very much with his moves. It’s like he knows where and when to press. And he definitely knows where to touch her, to make her so turned on! The masseur slips a finger in her pussy while rubbing …. continue inside>>



Once she enters the massage room, Balloon exposes her playful titties while she takes the white robe off. She lays on the table wearing a pair of tiny bikini. The masseur comes into the room and takes Balloon’s white thong off. Almost covering her body in oil, the masseur begins to relax the gal with his skilled hands. Balloon already loves what she feels and the touches over her shaved pussy send chills down her spine. When the masseur fondles her appetizing boobies, the girl can’t stop feeling aroused. And this feeling increases as the masseur rubs the dark petals of her pussy with oil. He even slips his middle finger …. continue inside>>

Mena is this week’s creampie update. She is 35 kilos of pure fuck toy and I did my best to squeeze my cock into her tiny hole in every popular position. Mina works with her Mom on a food cart near the East Pattaya village. She has not had the opportunity to meet many foreigners. Mina gave one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in a very long time. She gave great detail to licking my balls, shaft and helmet. While she blew me, I marveled at how small her body was. She only weighs 78 lbs. Her pussy was dripped wet when I went to push my hard cock into it. Her folds opened smoothly with each stroke of penetration. I gave Mina a proper hard fucking before finally cumming deep inside her young nubile cunt. Free cart food for life! See More >>



The cute Sanouk arrives at the massage salon to relax after a week full of professional achievements. She takes the robe off and lays on her stomach on the massage table. When the masseur arrives, he begins to pour oil on her back, but not before taking her thong off. Sanouk feels her back muscles relaxing more and more while the masseur does his job. She begins to feel much more than relaxation when the man spreads her legs and slowly touches her pussy. After she turns, the girl has her hot jugs massaged so fine while her pussy continues to be ‘massaged’ too. The masseur touches Sanouk’s clit and her legs tremble. The …. continue inside>>

Let’s take a moment and observe this girls bubble butt like a fine painting at a museum. It’s definitely a work of art. The shape, the arch, the size, and the symmetry of her ass cheeks is madly sexy. Her name is Sandy and with her small gymnast physique, she can really fuck well. When I saw her come onto the stage at the world famous Auditions aGoGo, I knew I had to have her. Sandy is the ultimate fuck doll. She can suck cock like the best of them and she can ride cock like never before seen. We’re talking solid minutes of nothing but full squat thrusts where only her wet pussy is stroking your cock like a well-lubed piston in a Volvo. In my mind, I wanted to fuck Sandy’s petite body every which way imaginable, but I was so turned on by the sight of her gorgeous bubble butt ass, that I instantly shot my load during doggie-style. That says a lot when I can finish so quickly. She’s the ultimate fuck toy and there is nothing more satisfying than shooting a massive amount of potent seed deep inside her little pussy. Priceless!

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The petite and cute Duang with flower in her hair comes to enjoy a massage. She is very tidy and organised and so she arranges the massage table before lying all naked on it. When she is ready, the masseur pours oil on her spine and Duang instantly loves the feeling. He really knows how to relax her backhead and her waist. The girl wishes the masseur to go even downer on her body and he does it. He massages her ass cheeks and her legs when he suddenly slips his middle finger in her pussy. The surprised Duang has to admit that this why she wished him to to down on her body. She got aroused and now that her slit is …. continue inside>>

My Thai teen nympho is back for another roll in the hay. 19 year old Gail has gigantic titties and is one of my favorite models of all time. Perhaps it’s her adorable teen face, or her huge boobies that keeps me around….or maybe it’s her festive pussy. There’s something about Gail’s cunt that makes my cock feel like it has VIP passes to Creampieland. Maybe I fuck skinny bitches too much and they lack the silky flesh inside their vaginal walls. Gail has a wonderful pussy and the fact she lets me reach full orgasm inside her every time is simply sensory bliss. Gail knows I’m a fan of school-girl outfits, so she wore a plaid mini skirt and half cut top revealing her enormous juggs. I was completely hard during the photo session and couldn’t wait to be buried inside her body. Once we finally went at it, I didn’t last long. I shot the biggest load of sperm deep inside Gail’s hole. There’s a party in Gail’s pussy, and everyone is cumming.

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Thai girls with big ol titties are a hard thing to come by. But when they do come along I don’t hesitate to get them back to the room for some boom boom! And this one, wow I am really happy that I did. Tida is a gorgeous bombshell. She’s a Coyote dancer with a beautiful teen face, a woman’s body, and is a pure nympho-maniac! She has the sex appeal of Janine, the titties of Pui, and the natural porn star talent of Beer. She’s the reason men spend hours in economy class air travel, and the reason why those happy men fly home with empty pockets. I was in the right place at the right time when Tida entered the bar for her first night of work. Dazed and confused, she entered the stage and I knew I had found my pony. “Ohhhh Mama-San, one drink for the lady please!” A bar fine with Tida is 50% tequila and 50% romp-fest. It’s an all-nighter with a hangover to boot. That type of bar girl is the best! Fresh, tender pussy, ready for my Foreign man meat. I wasted no time and immediately took her back to my room and made sweet-sweet porno love to her before finally unloading my jizz deep into Tida’s teen pussy. Naturally my right-hand film crew was on location and I documented it for your viewing pleasure.

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It’s 1:30am and I’m in North Pattaya with some friends when I get an SMS that there’s a new girl (who is my spec) working at Happy aGoGo. It’s 15 minutes away and I was there in 5! As soon as I walked in, this lovely teen jumps right into my arms. Her name is Preaw and she must have been waiting for me all night (my scouts are the best). So Preaw and I bolted to the hotel room for some immediate bareback action where she sucked me like she had watched porn since birth. Then I slammed her amazing pussy before finally popping my entire load all over her gorgeous face and mouth.

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I like to find the girls on beach road in Pattaya because they are very cheap. For about 500 baht I can take a girl home with me and fuck her all night. Most of these girls don’t care if I cum in their mouth. I met Gitar near Soi 8 and she spent the night giving me pleasure.

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21 year old Eff works at a clothing store inside Big C in Pattaya. I was shopping for another girl I like so I asked Eff if she would assist me. I told her it was for my sister. I could tell she was interested so I traded phone numbers with her and we SMS’d for about a week. Finally on her day off we met at a short time room and I fucked her sweet pussy and came inside her mouth

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Thai girl Gibsey in her school girl skirt and pigtails milks cock and enjoys a facial in this hardcore Thai Girls Wild video. I’ve fucked Gibsey on many occasions before and she gets better with each session.

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Meet Mint, her titties are no bigger than little mints. But what she lacks in the chest department, she MORE than makes up for in sexual skill. She’s a little shy about the camera to start, but once a cock is in her face, she’s primed and ready to go!

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First time we saw Boui, she was doing a sex show onstage at a popular aGoGo. The flexibility she displayed gave every guy in teh place instant wood. There’s something about fucking a girl while turning her into a pretzel that turns me on. So I barfined her and it was off to the races!


So we are cruising for aGoGo girls on walking street, and we spot a girl shaking her ass on stage. Cock-radars go off everywhere and we immediately invite her back to hotel. Turns out Thai girl Lee only been working for a few days. She gets her tight pussy filled with man cream & cum shot all over her face as a welcoming present.

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Oddly enough this Thai girls name is simply Nicky! She might have a normal sounding name but there is nothing normal about her, she has a tradition Thai look down to her slanted eyes, perky little tits, and tight teeny slit pussy! Here she can be seen fucking her boyfriend and taking his load ALL over her pretty face!

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