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Kaeo arrives at the massage salon and she takes the white sheet off with such sensual gestures that make her look like a goddess. She puts a pillow under her head and she waits for the masseur to start the work. He begins by massaging her boobies with oil, which she loves it because she simply adores to have her tits fondled. He goes down with his hands on her pierced belly and then back to her boobs. The masseur spreads her legs to massage every of them, but he also sticks his middle finger between her black labia and slowly fucks her while massaging her tummy. Such pleasure, relaxation, and joy take hold of Kaeo…continue inside>>



Yesterday I received a phone call from another GoGo bar owner yelling at me and telling me he’s gonna blah blah blah! Listen just because we have the best bar on Walking Street doesn’t mean we intended to put you out of business. GoGo Bar Auditions is nothing special when it comes to our interior or lighting show. We’re the best club because of our service, pricing, and management. So if you want to remain in business then change your structure around. Invest some money in upgrades and train your staff better. All I’m doing is bringing Pattaya back to Pattaya. Our GoGo is how it use to be and how it should be. For …. continue inside>>



People say I exploit women and I usually say “listen Mom, these girls choose their profession”. They know the difference between a job at a convenient store and the profession of a floozy. So if a woman knows very well that she will get fucked by a total stranger for hard cash money, why doesn’t she have the right to choose that road. I’m definitely not a PIMP, but I can see myself being one on TV. But while everyone debates this controversial venue, I will be busy casting the next hottest dame that walks through that door. Knock Knock. Well look what the pussy cat dragged in. Her name is I**** and she’s 22 years old. I …. continue inside>>

My Thai teen nympho is back for another roll in the hay. 19 year old Gail has gigantic titties and is one of my favorite models of all time. Perhaps it’s her adorable teen face, or her huge boobies that keeps me around….or maybe it’s her festive pussy. There’s something about Gail’s cunt that makes my cock feel like it has VIP passes to Creampieland. Maybe I fuck skinny bitches too much and they lack the silky flesh inside their vaginal walls. Gail has a wonderful pussy and the fact she lets me reach full orgasm inside her every time is simply sensory bliss. Gail knows I’m a fan of school-girl outfits, so she wore a plaid mini skirt and half cut top revealing her enormous juggs. I was completely hard during the photo session and couldn’t wait to be buried inside her body. Once we finally went at it, I didn’t last long. I shot the biggest load of sperm deep inside Gail’s hole. There’s a party in Gail’s pussy, and everyone is cumming.

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It’s 1:30am and I’m in North Pattaya with some friends when I get an SMS that there’s a new girl (who is my spec) working at Happy aGoGo. It’s 15 minutes away and I was there in 5! As soon as I walked in, this lovely teen jumps right into my arms. Her name is Preaw and she must have been waiting for me all night (my scouts are the best). So Preaw and I bolted to the hotel room for some immediate bareback action where she sucked me like she had watched porn since birth. Then I slammed her amazing pussy before finally popping my entire load all over her gorgeous face and mouth.

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